String Art

string art


So easy to create and so fun!
Have you tried it, if not here’s all you need:

A piece of wood
Paint or stain (optional)
A box of small nails
A hammer
Some string
Patterns or shapes
A pencil

And here is all you need to do:
Paint or stain or leave the wood as it is. I spray painted mine with two different colors.
Using a pencil, draw or trace the shapes onto your wood. I traced the shape of Idaho and then the shape of a heart on mine.
Now hammer in the nails to outline the shapes, start with corners and other key points on the shape.
After the shapes are outlined in nails, tie a piece of string to one of the nails,
now weave the string back and forth randomly inside the shape you want to fill in.
You may have to loop around some nails to hold the string in place.
Use just one color or as many colors of string as you would like.
When you are finished with each string tie it securely to a nail.
Outline your shape with string, wrapping each nail with a loop as you go.
That’s all there is too it!
Have some fun and make some string art.